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Covid -19 coronavirus is the main news in the everywhere nowadays . Firstly China has faced this illness and now many countries in the world have faced this unfortunate situation. So many countries have closed and only essential services are available in many countries. When people are together, this virus is expanding fastly. So every country is trying to protect from this virus. People take many many safety precautions on behalf of it. But the virus is expanding from time to time. Time to time the death rate of this virus is increasing and the number of patients also increasing. So every person has a big responsibility to protect this. We have to practice the best health behavior to prevent this illness. However, the immunization of our lives is directly affected by the protection of us, If we have a high level of immunization, we can prevent this illness. So we have to obtain balanced meals every time to maintain a healthy life. So meals are the most important thing at this point.

Most markets are closed due to this virus and people have to buy foods from a limited number of markets. Because of this problem, some marketers are delivering foods to houses. It became a better advantage to all. But it has advantages and disadvantages also. It is called as meals on wheels.
Meals on Wheels is an event that delivers foods to individuals at home who fail to buy or prepare their own foods. The name is always used generically to refer to home-delivered meals programs, not all of which are actually named “Meals on Wheels”. Because they are housebound, many of the recipients are the elderly, and many of the volunteers are also elderly but able-bodied and able to drive automobiles. Today we called it specially as “meals on wheels coronavirus” , because of this virus.
Research shows that home-delivered food programme which improves diet quality, increase nutrient intakes, reduce food insecurity and improve quality-of-life among the recipients. The programs also decrease government expenditures by reducing the need of recipients to use hospitals, nursing homes or other expensive community-based services.
Now meals on wheels programme are very popular service in the world. But these days, everybody has the same doubt about obtaining this service due to the coronavirus. This virus is expanding with person to person easily. So small touch is enough to expand it. So Many volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels People have quit over a fear of COVID-19, jeopardizing the organization’s ability to deliver daily meals to 5,000 people throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Every person tries to protect from this illness. So they are rejecting the meals on wheels service now. But if we can obtain this service through a proper company, it is a better protection method than go to the market. There is a number of persons are in the supermarkets. We don’t know the health situation of them. So it is important to maintain our health situation without going to public places these days. And also, most of the time kids meals are available at the market. So we can order kids meals also from a reputed company. Then they will bring meals for babies to our home. It’s easy.

Babies immunization is lower than elders. So elders have to protect babies carefully. The meals of babies always should be a well nutritional meal. So, parents always try to buy the best thing for babies.
On the other hand, there can be some disadvantages which we never think. When order meals from wheels we have to well known about the person who brings the meals. When do the transactions with a third party we have a risk. If he is suffering from coronavirus, it will easily expand the persons who buy meals from him. So Seller point of view, he has to be cleaner and uses safety precautions as well. And also the seller also faces a big risk of coronavirus. If a patient order meals, he has to deliver it. So it also a big issue.

As well as, Most production companies are closed now. At that time, meals on wheels companies also closed. Basic ingredients will be limited in future. If we hope to depend on that companies forever, It will badly affect our lives because those companies can be closed one day. 
If you operate meals on wheel company, your income will be increased definitely. But you have to produce, packing and delivering the foods as more carefully. You have to use safety precautions and you have to have a better understanding of health situation changes of your staff. However, we all have a responsibility at this point. Always we have to think about our protection and our family protections also. 
Everything has a good and bad side. So purchasing foods from meals on wheels also same. So you have to understand the real situation of the country and support to remove this dangerous illness from the world.


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