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Chocolate Chip Cookies

The term chocolate makes everyone’s happiness. The baked cookies will be delicious. Cookies are available in many unique varieties that may be shaped into various sizes and thickness. Cookies taste good but aren’t intended to be eaten all the time. Not…

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Cupcake is tasty and famous food in the world. The number of calories in homemade cupcakes based on how much batter you are making and how many cupcakes you are making. Homemade cupcakes When you prepare cupcake at home the…


Top Vegetarian Protein Sources

These vegetarian protein sources can be tried someone who is a vegetarian or just trying to less meat and more plants. Protein is the main nutrient for keeping your skin and hair strong and healthy and growing and maintaining muscles….


Japanese Cucumber Salad

Japanese cucumber salad is called Kyuri no Sunomono in Japanese is a very light, refreshing and delicious side dish. It is a healthy dish consisting of thinly Wakame and sliced cucumber. Ingredients 2 medium cucumbers or 1 large English cucumber…


cabbage diet soup recipe

Cabbage is a high nutritional vegetable. It can be leafy green, red or white. This vegetable can be added to our foods as a curry, salad, drink, soup or any other way according to our preference. The main thing is…

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There are thousands of types of cheese are available in the market, ranging from low- to high-fat in composition and mild to mature in flavour. It can be made from the milk of sheep, cows, goats, and other animals. Whole-milk…

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Homemade Icecream

You don’t want an expensive ice cream machine to make ice cream at your home. You can make ice cream at your home very easily. There are only two ingredients is included in the ice cream such as heavy whipping…

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How to Make Avocado Toast

As usual, I have some strong opinions to say you about the Avacado toast. Avocado is a high nutritional fruit and we can eat avocado as a paste, as a toast, as a drink and as a salad. However, it…

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Foods for Dinner

Dinner is very important to get with a deep understanding of its importance and requirement. According to all, you know the breakfast and lunch is very important for us to obtain energy to work. As well as the dinner is…


Carrot Soup

Carrot is food which firstly found from the Persians. In the first time, they have grown this vegetable for leaves and seeds. However, after a period of time, the carrot has grown as a vegetable. Since that day, the carrot…

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Green Curry

Green Curry is a curry dishes which having green colour.specifically a type of main Thai curry which takes its colour from a seasoning mixture containing green chillies. Normally this food can be eaten with rice as a curry or with…