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Chocolate Chip Cookies

The term chocolate makes everyone’s happiness. The baked cookies will be delicious. Cookies are available in many unique varieties that may be shaped into various sizes and thickness. Cookies taste good but aren’t intended to be eaten all the time. Not…


Ways to cook potatoes

Potatoes is a very famous item in every kitchen. And also everybody likes to add potatoes to their meals. Since our childhood, we have been eating potatoes in many many ways. Potatoes have a huge amount of nutritional, especially carbohydrates….


Preserve a pumpkin

Pumpkin is a vegetable which is widely grown for commercial use and is used both for food and recreation. Pumpkin is considered as pumpkins are frequently carved as jack-o’-lanterns for decoration around Halloween and a traditional part of Thanksgiving meals…


Vegetable soups recipe for dinner

The vegetarian soup recipe is a high nutritional food which we can easily prepare at our kitchen very easily for our dinner. It is a common type of soup prepared using vegetables and leaf vegetables as prime ingredients. It has…


Recipes with hot chocolate

Chocolate is delicious food which everybody likes to eat. There are many recipes available in the market including chocolates. There are no substitutes for chocolates. The taste of this is the most famous among children also. As well as you…


How to make the Cheese sauce

Cheese is a high nutritional food for kids, elders and all others. And also, everybody likes to add cheese as an ingredient for many foods. The taste of that is very nice. So most people like to add cheese for…


Okra Fry

Okra/lady’s finger is one of the famous and nutritious vegetables of North-East African origin. We can get pods while they are tender, green and at the immature stage. The plant is cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions around…

Kids Meals

Best Banana Bread

Banana is very tasty and nutritious fruit which included several vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C also. As a fruit, many people like to add this to their lives for dessert. And also this is the…

Kids Meals

Meals on wheels coronavirus

Covid -19 coronavirus is the main news in the everywhere nowadays . Firstly China has faced this illness and now many countries in the world have faced this unfortunate situation. So many countries have closed and only essential services are…

Kids Meals Non-vegetarian


Pancake is a short food which we can easily prepare at our home. The Ancient Greeks made pancakes. The earliest references to Tagenias are in the works of the 5th-century BC poets Magnes and Cratinus. The Middle English word Pancake…


Cabbage Diet Soup

Cabbage Diet Soup is a very nutritional and tasty soup which we can easily prepare within a short time period. Cabbage is a very suitable people who try to reduce the weight of their bodies. It means cabbage provides full…